Jane Hughes

I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) and person-centred counselling. I am a Registered Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

My therapeutic approach combines Person-Centred Counselling with Transactional Analysis. You are always in charge, and you set your own boundaries. Using Transactional Analysis means we have some tools to analyse your situation in greater depth, and help put you in control of your life.

Naturally, your confidentiality is always respected.

I had a career in medical publishing before starting my own small publishing business (and having some unexpected success along the way as a food writer). I know about the pressures of management and the highs and lows of self-employment.

I’ve seen my share of life events. And like many good counsellors, I only discovered the benefits of ‘talking therapies’ by experiencing them myself.

Call or text me on 07931 995428

Email me on jane.hughes65@gmail.com

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